Robert Griffin III: Here Are 5 Reasons Why The Redskins Don’t Really Need Him

Robert Griffin III injured himself pretty badly on the field during Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, suffering a dislocated ankle while completing a 19-yard pass.

Even though there is not a single injury that can be viewed as a “positive” injury, a starting quarterback with a dislocated ankle is not one of the most preferred sports injuries – especially at the start of the season when his team is already struggling.

Robert Griffin III more than likely took this hit to his season and his career a lot harder than many other fans and critics – especially since the man known as RGIII ended the previous season with yet another leg injury.

However, for the fans and supporters of the Washington Redskins, they are not caring very much about Robert Griffin III and his injury or how it will affect their team. Why is that?

1. This gives Kirk Cousins the opportunity to shine. Keep in mind the Redskins were still able to win Sunday’s game against the Jaguars long after Robert Griffin III was carted off of the field. This is because Kirk Cousins was excited to finally get the chance to shine without having to worry about RGIII’s looking over his shoulder. Even though Cousins had nothing to do with RGIII getting injured, he took full advantage of the opportunity. The first three drives from the Redskins team after Cousins stepped in the head position ended as touchdowns. The Redskins were able to end the game with a big win and the scoreboard reading 41-10.

2. This is not the first time Robert Griffin III has been injured. As mentioned earlier, Griffin is no stranger to injuries whatsoever. His knee already had to be surgically repaired after the tough season it had last year. Now, it’s his ankle. The Redskins organization as a whole had to see this coming – which is why starting Griffin in the first place this season was a major concern.

3. It’s still fairly early in the season, so anything can happen. This is something that most football fans have to remind themselves of in general – especially if their favorite team is struggling at the start of the season. Anything can happen between now and December.

4. The offensive plays were not designed specifically for RGIII this season. The coaching staff did not want to focus their plays exclusively around him primarily because of the injuries he suffered last season. That is how Kirk Cousins was able to easily step-in and take over successfully.

5. The odds of him getting injured again are very high. Even though he was one of the most popular rookies to get drafted into the NFL, Robert Griffin III’s injuries have prevented him from producing the type of on-field performance for which his fans have been waiting. Even if this dislocated ankle is not the end of his season, the chances of him suffering another injury are pretty high – especially since every opposing team knows where to hit him.

Robert Griffin III has an MRI exam scheduled first thing Monday morning that will determine just how long he will have to sit on the sideline. What do you think?

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