WWE News: Backstage Update On John Cena Turning Heel

WWE’s top man for the last ten years has been one man consistently, John Cena. Cena has been a World Champion 15 times in WWE, and has the most WWE Title reigns ever. He is close to breaking Ric Flair’s mark for the most of all time, and he could do it by this time next year. It will be a day many will be unhappy about, but it will be a day others will cheer to happen. Really, it all depends on how you feel regarding Cena.

For all the hate he gets, John Cena has been a terrific top man in WWE. No one puts in the work Cena does. No one does more to show the good of WWE than him, either. There are few and far between like him. He is a once in a generation type of talent for WWE, and he has been nothing if not successful, WWE has so much invested in him. Many could call him this generation’s Hulk Hogan, and those people are pretty much on the button. Both live by what they say on TV, and both are two of the biggest names in Pro-Wrestling history.

Cena might be more athletic and stronger, as well as a better in-ring worker compared to Hogan. However, entertainment and promo wise, Hogan beats most. He also had star power that Cena has, he but doesn’t over-saturate like Hogan does. That is the main difference.

However, many fans have wanted to see something with Cena similar to Hogan. Hulk revitalized his wrestling career when he turned into a bad guy and joined the NWO, one of the most memorable factions in history. This gave us a new side to the Hulkster that the world could love him for, and it made him a must-see attraction yet again. Many believe this could happen with John Cena to make him interesting again. Every major face in wrestling history was also a villain too.

News now is that yet again, WWE feels it is unneeded for a heel turn. The Wrestling Observer claims that live events with Cena alone draw $60,000 more than without him. Since CM Punk left, Cena’s merchandise is outselling almost all the other WWE roster members combined. That is saying a lot. Despite the stale character, people still care about him. Whether it’s kids or not, the man is drawing cash.

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Most think that Cena would still draw as a heel as he’d still be used on the show often and a lot of his merchandise would still sell. Live events would certainly do just as well if not better. Cena would still be used on the show, so WWE would not lose the attraction known as John Cena. The thing they most fear may not be this though, but rather trying someone who could have the star power to be the top face in the company if Cena is no longer that.

In WCW, Hogan was still the top guy even as a heel. Yet others came along like Sting and Goldberg after being given opportunities, and they did well. Both became big stars and major foes to the NWO and Hogan in general.

WWE’s issue at the end of the day seems mostly to be about who would take Cena’s spot, not so much the money. They know the money will still remain, but the change in character would vastly alter the landscape of the company. Cena as a heel would be a lot of work, and he’d be winning more than ever before. So think about what you ask people. You think his kick out at two is a problem, think of what he’d do as a heel.

Cena is getting older, and his injuries are piling up. Eventually there will be no more John Cena. His body will one day give out. With the lack of off-time this guy gets and countless nagging problems, his body will break down sooner or later. So WWE’s over-reliance on him will kill them in the end. WWE seems to be building new stars to give them credit, but there is no one who can take Cena’s spot yet.

It might benefit them to pull a Cena heel turn eventually, as they could build new stars through Cena as a heel. With him heel, imagine the possibilities storyline-wise that he could create for the company and its young talent. Not only would this turn help Cena, but it would also benefit WWE in several ways. It might even make some fans come back. Really, there is no bad. However, we will see what the WWE does. For now, it appears like the company is fine with Cena being a babyface. Eventually though, a heel turn could happen. When that will be is another argument entirely.

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