Christy Mack: First Public Appearance After Horrific Assault By War Machine [VIDEO]

As of late, the news has been loaded with reports of domestic abuse, especially in the world of sports. Here at the Inquisitr, we reported on such abuse that includes Ray Rice hitting Janay Palmer in which Stephen A. Smith insinuated that women usually start domestic abuse situations. Apparently, Michelle Beadle slammed him for his words. Nevertheless, domestic abuse is a problem which extends to all types of people of popularity and income, even if the popularity is in the MMA or the income is from filming sex.

Earlier this year, we reported that Christy Mack was horrifically beat up in a domestic disturbance by her ex-boyfriend War Machine. Now there are reports of Christy Mack’s first public appearance since suffering at the hands of the MMA fighter.

TMZ was able to score the exclusive as they were able to meet up with the Christy Mack right outside an event for the Face Forward Foundation – which is one of the charities and foundations she is paying forward with the excess money from donations. From that appearance, it seems her recovery is going great yet she is only a few surgeries away from having the damage done to her face fixed.

Christy Mack also hit up her official Instagram in which she posted pictures of her recovery. The post showing this is attached below for your viewing.

New York Daily News detailed Christy Mack’s ex-boyfriend Jonathan Koppenhaver – who is also known as War Machine – and him being accused of beating Mack and a male friend of hers in the early morning attack at her Las Vegas home on August 8. War Machine broke several bones in Mack’s face, knocked out her teeth, cut her with a knife, and ruptured her liver. Fortunately, this domestic menace was apprehended by authorities though he has pleaded not guilty to thirty-two charges, two being attempted murder.

Despite what a person’s opinions about Christy Mack’s previous career, it is saddening to see anyone, female or male, hurt so badly in domestic violence. It is even more amazing to see someone recover from such a tragedy. We want to know if you are happy for Christy Mack recovering from her domestic assault? Despite her past, are you happy or proud she is paying it forward in supporting groups and charities centered on helping the domestically abused? Please let us know in the comments below.

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