Rita Ora: Chances Are You Will Get A Headache Just By LOOKING At Her New Hairdo

Rita Ora is making headlines yet again — but this time around, it has nothing to do with her music or her love life. It’s her hairdo!

That’s right! The hairdo that Rita Ora decided to wear to the Marchesa SS15 Fashion Show will definitely give you a headache just by looking at it.

Keep in mind that Rita Ora has always been known for her trendy, questionable, edge and somewhat controversial fashion.

However, this hairstyle definitely takes the cake.

If Joan Rivers was still alive, she would be able to create an entire stand-up comedy routine specifically based on this hairdo. Just taking one look at Rita Ora at the Marchesa SS15 fashion show would have given Joan Rivers plenty to talk about through at least two episodes of Fashion Police.

Based on the big smile that she flashed in all of the pictures taken during this event, it was clear that Rita Ora did not care about what other people would think about her headache-inducing hairdo.

As you can see from the pics, Rita Ora basically tied up her platinum blonde locks into a very tight high knot. The end of her hair was used to create a blunt fringe. When you add this blunt fringe to the smoky-eyed makeup that she used to complement the look with berry red lipstick, this is definitely one of the most captivating looks of the weekend.

When she took a picture of the hairdo and posted it on her official Instagram page, it seems as if she wasn’t even focused on the fact that it looked like her brain was being inhaled through her hairstyle. She was simply focused on the fact that she was able to turn a top knot into a blunt fringe, something that many people in the fashion world simply did not believe was possible.

Perhaps it was never the fact that this look was impossible to achieve. Maybe it was just the fact that it is impossible to pull it off without looking like, well… this.

Quite a few people have been talking about Rita Ora on Twitter recently since the pictures of her hairdo hit the internet.

What do you think? Was Rita Ora able to pull off this look successfully? Or was it one of those fashion ideas that she should have never brought to life?

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