‘Big Straight Ice Cream’ Ad Erected In Response To ‘Big Gay Ice Cream’ Sign

Ladies and gentlemen, a local New York City restaurant now sells “Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream.” What is “Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream,” you ask? Does it come in heteronormative flavors? Do they not sell rainbow sherbet? What about rainbow sprinkles? Well, we’re not exactly sure what “Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream” looks like, but unfortunately this is based on an advertisement that actually exists.

The ad is displayed outside of the restaurant Gallo Nero, a wine bar and grill. The grill is located in the heart of the West Village, a prominently gay neighborhood, and right across the way from this restaurant is the local business Big Gay Ice Cream.

The offensive “Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream” sign was pointed out by the well-known ice cream and dessert shop’s co-owner Douglas Quint via the company’s Twitter.

The Big Gay Ice Cream shop was created by Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff, based on their very popular Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Both the truck and the shop sell unique ice cream combinations. The site boasts that Big Gay Ice Cream “spins a new take on old-school soft-serve.”

Additionally, the shop also sells creative ice cream cones like the “Bea Arthur” cone (vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, crushed ‘nilla wafers), shake/floats, cakes, frozen treats, and coffee appropriately titled “Big Gay Blend.”

When The Inquisitr reached out to Big Gay Ice Cream for a statement, the official Twitter account said, “No statement. We are letting New York City speak on our behalf.”

In response to this ridiculous “Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream” sign, word has spread around Twitter following Big Gay Ice Cream’s tweet and Gothamist picked up the news.

So far Gallo Nero has yet to release a statement about these new totally STRAIGHT! flavors they’re selling or their extremely insulting advert.

[Image via Taste Savant]

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