Piers Morgan To Scotland: ‘If You Vote NO, I Promise To Go Straight Back To America’

Piers Morgan has just made one of the most lucrative offers to Scotland to buy their allegiance to the Union Jack. He has assured the Scotts that if they vote a resounding NO to the idea of an independent Scotland, he will pack his bags and head straight to America.

While the Scotts burst into collective laughter at the ludicrous concept that a second royal baby would persuade them to stick with the Union, the former Daily Mirror editor gave them a serious offer to consider. Piers Morgan has assured Scotland that they will not have to suffer the indignity of living on the same island as him if they vote “No” to Scottish Independence.

“Dear People of Scotland, if you vote NO, I promise to go straight back to America. #indyref”

Piers Morgan hasn’t reacted harshly to the comments by media mogul Rupert Murdoch who said the television personality was “once talented, now safe to ignore.” Instead, social media lifted Piers on its shoulders.

Amidst the intense debate, Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond pledged not to bring back another referendum if Scotland votes this week to remain in the UK, describing the poll as a “once in a generation” opportunity.

Both sides are quite apprehensive, and feel the vote could go either way. However, in response to the question of whether or not a narrow victory for the Union would simply result in another referendum being called “in a few years’ time,” Mr. Salmond strongly disagreed, telling BBC News reporter Andrew Marr that Thursday’s vote may be “perhaps even a once in a lifetime opportunity for Scotland.”

Better Together leader Alistair Darling, who was on the show too, seconded the notion, saying “there is no way back” from a vote for independence. He shared that he always felt “this race would go to the wire,” and added that large number of voters have “yet to make their minds up because it’s that critical.” Numerous polls haven’t been able to indicate any majority so far, but Scotland is still positive.

The fight for Scotland’s independence is perhaps one of the biggest in history to take place in a peaceful manner. Whether the Scotts receive their independence may be decided as soon as this Thursday. However, Scotland still has time to ponder Piers Morgan’s “once in a lifetime” offer.

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