Amy Winehouse’s Statue Unveiled In London [Photo]

If Amy Winehouse would have been alive today, she would have turned 31. The singer, who made headlines for her troubled life and made a huge impact in the music industry across the globe, died in 2011 of toxic alcohol poisoning. At the time, she was only 27-years-old, joining the now famous “27 club” of musicians who passed away at the age of 27.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, a statue was being built in Camden Town in London to honor her memory. It’s the neighborhood where she both lived and worked. The statue was built by Scott Eaton and acts as a main attraction of Camden’s busy market, so people can stop and admire the Amy Winehouse statue.

Now we have a first look at the statue honoring Amy Winehouse, as the unveiling took place on Sunday, September 14. The public unveiling was attended by her father, Mitch Winehouse, and his wife and Amy’s mother, Janis Winehouse. Sharing a private moment for the world to see, Mr. Winehouse was captured hugging the statue of his daughter.

During the ceremony, Mitch Winehouse opened up to The Telegraph and other reporters about the day and how it felt to see the statue of Amy.

“It’s a day of incredibly mixed emotions, ladies and gentlemen. They don’t put statues up to people that are with us anymore, so it kind reinforces the fact that physically, she’s gone. But spiritually, she’ll never leave us.”

He continued, “Camden meant a lot to Amy and vice versa and to have her forever standing at the heart of the hustle and bustle of that area just fits.”

As you can see, the statue shows Winehouse in her signature beehive hairdo, which she made popular again after it retired decades earlier. A red rose was placed over her hairline, and her wingtipped eyeliner, as well as a star of David, was present on the statue for all to see. E! Online reports that crowds applauded in the market when the tribute was unveiled.

Scott Eaton, the sculpture of the statue, opened up to The Independent about his choice for Amy’s pose.

“The pose had to capture Amy’s attitude and strength, but also give subtle hints of insecurity. The hand on the hip, the turn of the head, the grabbing of the skirt, the turned in foot – these are all small elements that contribute to the personality of the piece.”

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