Jill Duggar Shows Off Itty Bitty Baby Bump – ‘All Day’ Morning Sickness Easing Up

Although many questioned Jill Duggar’s decision to share the news of her pregnancy so early, the announcement is allowing her fans to share in every little step – including the first round of baby bump photos!

Jill’s husband and proud dad-to-be Derrick posted a few snapshots of Jill on Instagram, and it does seem as if Jill is just starting to show.

In the snapshot, Jill Duggar holds a chalkboard, announcing how far along in the pregnancy she is as her husband seemed enraptured by their unborn baby’s development. He captioned the picture, “By the end of next week, all of our baby’s body parts, from tooth buds to toenails, will be developing! #firsttrimesterprogression #babydilly #19kidsandcounting,” clearly excited and willing to share with the world.

Itty bitty baby bump!
Itty bitty baby bump!

As far as Jill Duggar’s “all-day” morning sickness goes, she is starting to feel somewhat better. As the Duggar daughter said in a recent interview with People, “The last couple of days I have had a little bit of a break from the craziness of morning sickness, more like all day sickness, and that has been a blessing.”

In fact, she has been feeling so well that for the first time since becoming pregnant, she has been able to try her hand at cooking. She explained, “I made taco soup, tater tot casserole and pumpkin bread. The pumpkin bread was something I was craving. It was good.” She added, “I asked one of my friends to text me her recipe and she did and said, ‘Never stand in the way of a pregnant woman and food.’ It was wonderful to be able to cook again.”

As far as cravings go, Jill initially craved mostly sour things, but now considers her cravings to be “kind of in the middle.” As Jill herself says, “Pickles are still close by, which is a Duggar thing, but I won’t be going through as many as I used to.”

Jill also took a minute to brag on her new husband, saying he is very mindful of the fact that she is pregnant. “Derick is so good,” Jill says. “He brought me breakfast in bed yesterday.”

Jill and Derick will welcome their new baby in the spring and are excited to start planning for their baby.

“Next week is my second trimester, I am so excited,” Jill told People. “Now that I am feeling better, we are going to start getting things ready for the baby and start thinking of names seriously. Finding out the gender soon will help with that.”

[Images via People and Instagram]

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