eHow Launches Proprietary Platform for Quick Guides

eHow, the website that tells you how to do practically everything, has unveiled Quick Guides, giving users complete view of the most frequently requested topics by bundling relevant information from editors and community.

With proprietary platform, eHow editors and members can create Quick Guides that package content from across the site. For its launch, eHow created 250 Quick Guides based on the most popular topics on the site, but the platform will soon support a limitless number of guides. Introductory Quick Guides include weddings, travel, cars, sports & fitness and personal finance.

“Our goal is to give everyone who comes to the site exactly what they are looking for and we did this by creating hundreds of thousands of articles, but that’s just the first step,” adds Boudewijn. “Today, we can deliver great content to our users in a helpful way that is easy to navigate.”

It is always good to empower the community but at the same time, it will mean extra hard work for its editors to ensure the integrity of content.

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