Luke Bryan Just Wants To Entertain His Fans

Luke Bryan has a very simple game plan: keep the fans happy.

While some artists — who shall remain nameless — are perfectly content with phoning it in during their live shows, Bryan isn’t going to give his loyal supporters the shaft. When you buy a ticket to one of the guy’s concerts, you’re going to get your money’s worth. Even if Luke falls off the stage, he’s probably going to bounce right back.

During his recent chat with CMT writer Alison Bonaguro, Luke Bryan revealed that keeping those dedicated fans happy is his number one priority. If the folks who attend his shows don’t walk away from the experience feeling wholly satisfied, then Bryan feels he isn’t doing his job. For the country music star, that’s a serious problem.

In short: Luke Bryan wants to keep everyone thoroughly entertained.

“With me, I truly have achieved every dream. The core of my dreams is to step on that stage every night, happy to be there and happy to be entertaining fans, putting smiles on their faces and giving them their money’s worth.”

Bryan also wants to lend a hand to the musicians who are on their way up.

“And then putting myself in a position where I can watch other artists coming along behind me and facilitate their careers so they’re going down a brighter, bigger path.”

Unfortunately, purchasing a ticket to a Luke Bryan show is a risky venture these days. According to FOX CT, a number of fans who recently scored tickets from scalpers found themselves with handful of worthless paper. The outlet reports that counterfeit tickets are making the rounds, so make sure you’re buying them from reputable dealers.

House of Tickets owner Bruce Cooper told FOX CT that counterfeit Luke Bryan tickets are popping up all over. In other words, buyer beware!

“We have seen similar stories around the country with Luke Bryan. Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean are the two hot country acts this year along with Florida Georgia Line and with big rock and roll acts you see it as well, but people want to believe something is true and it usually isn’t.”

Are you a fan of Luke Bryan? Do you think the country music star gives his fans their money’s worth during his live performances?

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