Pamela Anderson On Reconciliation With Rick Salomon: ‘It’s A Real Marriage’

Pamela Anderson, who you may remember best from her time on Baywatch, recently shared some inside info about her rocky marriage with Rick Salomon.

Despite numerous reports about an imminent divorce for Anderson and Salomon, the latest reports seem to suggest that, in actual fact, life is just peachy for the celebrity pair.

As Pamela told People magazine on Thursday at the Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC Partners’ Annual Charity Day in New York, “It’s a real marriage. It has its ups and downs.”

But on top of that little tidbit, Pamela Anderson also spoke to Us Weekly at the event, saying that the strong bond of friendship that she shares with Rick is what makes their relationship unique and is not one she wants to just throw away.

“We’re good friends! I think that’s kind of what makes it special,” she told the publication.

Anderson, who is now 47, filed for divorce from Salomon back in July of this year, but by August the filing had been dismissed.

A Los Angeles Superior Court spokesperson told Us, “The couple is still officially married.”

Pamela said that when push comes to shove, one has to be careful with the decisions they make in their relationships.

“That’s the thing [about relationships], You can make choices. You don’t have to stay in anything that doesn’t feel right, you know? That’s the modern world,” she said.

You may remember Salomon better from his role as the male talent in the scandalous sex tape with Paris Hilton, which received much attention when it was released. He and Anderson have been married twice, once in 2007 where the marriage only lasted three months, and then in January when they decided to give things another go.

Even though things are once again “all good” between Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon, the actress told the publication that she isn’t necessarily 100 percent sure about what the future holds.

“What are the odds? I don’t know. Who knows? Who knows? I think we’re in it. I think we’re doing fine,” Anderson said.

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