Rory McIlroy Invents A New Trick-Shot By Shooting His Ball Into A Fan’s Pocket

Rory McIlroy has been in the news recently for cruelly breaking up with his fiancée, Caroline Wozniacki, over the phone after the wedding invitations had already been sent out. However, he recently did something interesting that won’t cast any negative light on him. The winner of European Tour’s BWM PGA Championship in England shot off a golf ball that landed inside a fan’s pants pocket.

Rory McIlroy found himself in an odd spot during the second round of the 2014 Tour Championship Friday morning. A beautiful shot hit by Rory went soaring up in the sky only to find its way into one spectator’s pocket. The golfer sprayed his tee shot to the right on the 14th hole of East Lake during the championship, reported The Daily Star.

The ball unfortunately hit off a tree and landed in a spectator’s pocket. McIlroy was able to take a drop and would go on to par the hole.

The golfing world is seeing some interesting trick-shots. Quite recently, Phil Mickelson made a birdie from a ball that had landed on the golf cart path. Phil, instead of taking a free drop, chose to face the unique challenge and amazed the spectators with his skills. In the same tournament, Rory had managed to send the ball on a long-winding journey of 436 yards, but Phil’s shot was the one that hogged the limelight.

Perhaps as a payback, Rory might have decided to involve his fans in the tournament by shooting his ball into the spectator’s trousers, but it seems highly unlikely that Rory would do something like this on purpose. Ever the pro, Rory smiled all the way to the fan and chatted with him. Thankfully, the officiating referee didn’t ask Rory to hit the ball exactly where it landed. Had they asked him to do so, Rory would have had to muster all his experience to hit a completely hidden ball from one of the most sensitive areas of a human being.

Rory was allowed to extract the ball and the fan reluctantly obliged. The champion then proceeded to drop the ball where the spectator was standing and allowed the ball to fall freely. Once the ball settled, Rory went for the shot, which needless to say was flawless and landed very near to the 14th hole that Rory was initially aiming for. He went on to par the hole, reported the New York Post.

Incidentally, Rory managed to joke about the incident, saying that he wasn’t prepared to dive down into the fan’s pocket to retrieve his ball. Needless to say, this is certainly not the kind of hole-in-one Rory McIlroy had in mind.

[Image Credit | PGA Tour]

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