Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Unsuspecting Fashion Wannabes: Hilarious! [Video]

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to make us laugh until it hurts. He’s done it again with his newest video, “Lie Witness News: Fashion Week 2014.”

The Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week happens twice a year according to Jimmy Kimmel, and is supposed to be the “top-notch” place to see the hottest designers with their hip, sassy, classy, snazzy Fall 2014 designs.

The Wrap reports that there are designer “wannabes” lingering around the Lincoln Center in their outrageous clothes just hoping to be approached by someone with a camera so they can spew out “designer terms and slangs” and appear important.

Jimmy Kimmel knows how to take advantage of a good thing when he sees it, according to Us Magazine. So what does Kimmel do?

“We sent a crew to Lincoln Center where some of the runway shows were held and we asked people coming in and out about designers, trends and events that do not exist. And even though all of the designer names you’re about to hear were made up by us, that did not stop these fashion aficionados from giving their opinions of them.”

It’s always amazing how people can make themselves look like idiots when they are trying to be something they aren’t. And lie like it’s nobody’s business in the process.

One unsuspecting fashion guru wearing thick, black-rimmed glasses — which have been out of style for decades — and a blazer appearing to be from a yard sale, was quick to give his opinion of one of the newest designers on the scene — Chandler Bing. Yes, the character on Friends played by Matthew Perry.

This guy’s quick response — without missing a beat — as reported by Us Magazine, to Chandler Bing and his runway designs?

“Chandler Bing I have heard of. I do follow… and it’s all about social media as well, so I really follow the brand as well.”


If that isn’t funny enough, another fashion “expert” was asked if he was familiar with Betsy Ross.

“Yes, I am! The way he plays with the colors and the textures…and the upcoming trends are all about the lines and the squirts…”

Wait… did he say “squirts?” I don’t think I’m going to shop for anything that squirts this fall. Steering clear of all squirts here.

Besty Ross

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t stop there. Much to our enjoyment, his crew even asks people about events that didn’t even happen, such as Heidi Klum’s face plant. These people actually admit to witnessing something that is a complete farce, as well as sharing their reaction to it.

One saying, “I felt so bad for her, but she handled it gracefully!” WHAT?

Just goes to show you if you put a camera in someone’s face, they are liable to say or lie about anything to get their 15 minutes of fame. I’m sure they are wishing that 15 minutes never happened right about now.

[Photo Credit: USMagazine.com, ABC.go.com]

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