Avril Lavigne’s 30th Birthday Wish

Avril Lavigne may be able to turn all the extra attention she’s getting thanks to “The Fappening” and her leaked photos into something good. While internet voyeurs continue to tweet, search for, and share Avril’s photos, she’s focusing on the positive and reaching out to help others.

On Twitter and Instagram, Lavigne is sharing photos of a different sort: fan art that she’s requested in order to call attention to her birthday fundraiser. Birthday fundraiser? No, it’s not for an extravagant soiree. For her birthday, which is coming up on September 27, the singer wants to sponsor 30 Special Olympics athletes.

On the website set up to take donations for the fundraiser, Avril also promises a special reward for the contributor who raises the most money for the cause. That donor and a friend will have dinner with Avril, and the cost of dinner and travel (up to $2,000) will be covered.

It’s not the rocker’s first charity campaign. The Avril Lavigne Foundation has worked to help and support children with disabilities and life-threatening illnesses through numerous campaigns, donations, hospital visits, and more.

The foundation refers to their efforts with the acronym R.O.C.K.S. That’s Respect, Opportunity, Choices, Knowledge and Strength, and in this campaign, Avril is working to give a special opportunity to 30 Special Olympians. Lavigne does not state a specific fundraising goal, but the campaign so far has raised almost $5,000.

However, according to the Special Olympics website, it costs around $2,500 to fully sponsor a single athlete. That works out to $75,000 to sponsor thirty, as Avril hopes to do.

The top fundraiser for the campaign won’t be the only one to get a prize, either. Avril’s promising free T-shirts and prizes like a Google Hangout with her, a phone call from her, and other merchandise to the top ten fundraisers, as well as shirts, guitars, and other merchandise to ten random donors. Avril has also offered prizes at random, so keeping an eye on her social media feeds is a good idea if you want a chance at additional prizes.

Since Avril Lavigne’s photos have been such a draw to “The Fappening” followers, perhaps those who tried to donate to various charities in “honor” of Jennifer Lawrence will switch their attention and help Lavigne’s campaign.

[Photo Credit: Rosa Casapullo]

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