The 4K Blu Ray Disc Format Is Slated To Hit In 2015: Will Anybody Care?

The 4K Blu Ray disc format is expected to arrive in 2015. This is big news for those who demand the absolute best from their home entertainment, but its biggest competition is a format most appear to be happy with already.

The next level in high definition seems to be on its way, even if it’s a little pricey for now. The Ultra HD TV can now be purchased for a hefty price, and even Amazon reviews have shown how ridiculously high it can get. Internet celebrity and Star Trek alum George Takei let the world in on this new marvel of technology due to the hilarity of its reviews.

The Ultra HD TV will cost anywhere from a few hundred to over $100K (for a 110 inch Samsung). This isn’t much if you’re among the infamous one percent of the world’s population who has that kind of money to throw at a picture to rival even the industry’s high quality standard of Blu Ray. You could easily use that money to buy two brand new cars which probably have entertainment systems built in.

4K Blu Ray player shown with Ultra HD TV
A 4K Blu Ray player with an Ultra HD TV. Its greatest competition is streaming services.

The 4K Blu Ray disc’s 2160p quality will be facing off against an increasingly higher definition of streaming video, even though it seems more and more people are turning to streaming services which deliver a mere 1080p or lower resolution. Netflix and Amazon already have these options for the same price as a new DVD, and the only setback may be if you have a limited data plan through your internet provider. A few movies and a regular rotation of YouTube videos can easily use up 20GB of data before you even realize it’s happening.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Comcast is following the same route as Verizon and AT&T by finding ways around the FCC’s regulations for internet speed and data caps. Streaming video could eventually cost more than it’s worth.

The new wave of video technology may be even more expensive, but it could usher in the next mainstream as Ultra HD TVs and 4K Blu Ray discs and players become the norm. Even home video could see a dramatic step up with SanDisk’s 512GB SD card, a chip smaller than a postage stamp capable of storing as much as today’s low-end PC hard drives.

The cost is still prohibitive for getting the highest level of visual performance either way. The SanDisk 512GB SD card itself will run you around $800, probably costing more than the video camera you put it in. Perhaps if the next generation of video game consoles uses the 4K Blu Ray disc format to its greatest potential, it will revolutionize the industry like they did with the DVD and the Blu Ray?

Prepare yourself. The next level of high definition visuals is coming by Christmas 2015, but with streaming services, will anybody care?

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