WWE News: Undertaker Now Showing His Non-Dark Side As Instagram Star, Is He Officially Retiring?

When it comes to certain WWE superstars, they like to keep in character even outside of the wrestling ring. This is known as kayfabe, a wrestling term in which wrestling events, such as competition, rivalries, and relationships between participants are being marketed as genuine. Most of the time, kayfabe is at times broken during official interviews with other wrestling news sites.

The Inquisitr reported on such an interview with Dean Ambrose. Sometimes, kayfabe is broken accidentally, such as with the announcer who took a selfie but was oblivious to both John Cena and Bray Wyatt in the background discussing how their pay-per-view match should go.

One wrestler known for keeping up with kayfabe (as well as keeping his private life… well… private) is the one and only Undertaker. When it comes to WWE programming, Undertaker hasn’t been seen since his defeat at the hands of Brock Lesnar at WWE Wrestlemania XXX. But it seems that the WWE superstar is now making a reappearance — this time through Instagram.

According to WWE Live TV, the Undertaker — whose real name is Mark Callaway — started appearing on the official Instagram of his wife, the first WWE Divas Champion, Michelle McCool. This is such a unique thing to see because it’s the first time he’s been humanized outside of the occasional photo with fans. What’s more, it appears as though the Undertaker is looking healthy as well as happy.

Another article by Uproxx reported that the Undertaker never really pulled back the curtain of his persona to reveal the man behind it. This is a unique move, especially in a time when shoot interviews, con appearances, and social media are primary methods of keeping one’s character visible during down time. However, Undertaker is such a respected and recognizable figure in the WWE that he could remain quiet for a whole year and people will still anticipate his return.

It should also be reported that some WWE fans are anticipating and speculating about a return, especially since the Undertaker is not just looking healthy, but seems to be working out. The Instagram picture below shows that.

Probably the most emotional part of Undertaker’s appearance on his wife’s Instagram account is the charity work he is doing. There are a couple of posts in which he is pictured with other children in part of some form of charity fundraiser.

Likely the biggest fear most WWE fans are experiencing after seeing these pictures is that the Undertaker is officially retiring. After giving more than two decades of his life to the WWE, many fans will agree that the mythical phenom deserves to retire if he wants. However, most of us old school wrestling fans will feel our hearts break when that happens. We’ll understand, but we’ll still be sad about it.

We want to know what all you WWE fans think. Is the Undertaker’s appearance on his wife’s Instagram account a sign to you that he is retiring, or is he still competing but just slowing down? Please let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Michelle McCool’s Instagram]

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