Stevie Nicks Talks New Music And Gay Fan Base

Stevie Nicks has enjoyed a career that has spanned decades, and throughout this time she has always had a huge gay following. When asked in Out magazine whether or not she likes her gay following, the Fleetwood Mac singer was candid and diplomatic in her response.

“I can’t say that I’m so glad that gay people like my music, because I have never looked at gay people as different from any other people.”

As for what she would have done if she were gay? Nicks thinks coming out is a no-brainer.

“The second that I knew, I would have said, ‘OK, everybody, this is how it is, and either you still like me or I don’t care.’ I think that if you are gay, you just have to say ‘It’s great!'”

The interview bounced from multiple subjects. One of them is her creative relationship with Ryan Murphy. As for Glee, Nicks has had a very strong presence on the show. Fleetwood Mac’s songs have served for some poignant moments, especially her song “Landslide,” which was used for a huge coming out moment for the character Santana Lopez.

Of the moment, Nicks said, “I love that. A lot of the songs they love are songs that I wrote when I was really young. ‘Landslide’ was written in 1973; I was 27. I may sing it now at 62, but I was 27 when I wrote that song. It’s not like they love a song that was written by a 62-year-old woman. They love a song that was written by a 27-year-old girl.”

As for when Stevie knew she was a gay icon, she said she had a clue about 20 years ago when “Night of a Thousand Stevies” starting happening. The New York City event was based on Stevie Nicks impersonations. Even so, Stevie wouldn’t put her name in the same lane as Madonna, who has acted as a gay icon throughout her career as well.

“I always felt it was because I was not a fashion statement like Madonna was. I’m very different than her; she’s very chameleon-esque. That little outfit that Kelly is wearing is exactly the same as the black outfit I have on in the video. The eye makeup she has on is the makeup that I’ve been wearing since high school. I don’t change much.”

As for what the singer has up her sleeves these days, The Inquisitr reported back in August that she has plans to release a collection of songs.

The release is set for October 9. In August, she told Rolling Stone that it’s a retrospective album of Stevie’s catalog.

“Each song is a love story… They represent my life, the secrets, the broken hearts. These songs are the memories — the 24 karat gold rings in the blue box. These songs are for you.”

Of the songs, she told Out, “I had to release these songs, because I couldnot write those records today. I’d have to start having affairs tomorrow.”

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