Daryl Hannah And Newly-Divorced Neil Young Reportedly Dating

Sources say that Daryl Hannah, the actress known for her work in Blade Runner, is dating legendary rocker Neil Young and “has been for months.”

Hannah and Young were spotted together in Westlake, California, on Wednesday, which sent rumors swirling and resulted in an anonymous source telling People Magazine that the two have been dating for months and have “taken no effort to even hide it.” Daryl’s new relationship with the musician comes just a month after it was announced that Young and his wife Pegi, to whom he was married for 36 years, had split up. The source tells People that the CSNY collaborator and his wife’s marriage had been in trouble for quite some time.

Hannah has dated rock stars before, most notably singer/songwriter Jackson Browne, who was with the Steel Magnolias star from 1983 to 1992. Daryl, 53, and Neil, 68, have reportedly been friends for a long time, and spent time together on a tour of the Alberta, Canada oil sands last year. Hannah even advised Neil when the “Cinnamon Girl” singer hit the recording studio recently.

“He recorded a new album a few weeks ago, and she was on Skype the entire time, giving him feedback on every take. He even told people in the studio she was his ‘girlfriend,” an insider explained.

Daryl also has musicians in her family; her brother-in-law being music producer Lou Adler.

Hannah is best known outside of her acting endeavors for her highly publicized relationship with the late John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Daryl and her new man are both outspoken environmentalists and social advocates, with Hannah hosting an environmental video blog called DHLoveLife. Young and his soon-to-be-ex wife Pegi collaborated on the long-running Bridge School benefit concert series, inspired by their son who was born with Cerebral Palsy. Neil and Pegi also collaborated musically over the course of their nearly four decade marriage, with Pegi often singing on Neil’s albums and joining his band on tour.

The seemingly close-knit couple’s decision to call it quits shocked the music industry, though People‘s insider claims that the news of Hannah and Young’s pairing shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention.

“They’ve appeared at many, many protest rallies together over the past year. The fans have known about this for months.”

Daryl made headlines late last year when she revealed that she has been struggling with Autism and social anxiety since childhood, and says she has always struggled with being in the spotlight despite her decades long Hollywood career. Hannah, a passionate political and social activist, recently took to Twitter in a call for action to support a recently-rejected constitutional amendment that would overturn the controversial Citizens United decision.

Daryl’s new relationship with Young comes after the legendary Crazy Horse frontman sparked controversy for comparing the Alberta oil sands to Hiroshima, a claim that caused Hannah to come to Neil’s defense. Daryl said in a Huffington Post Canada interview following the remarks that the former Buffalo Springfield singer “was trying to illustrate a point in a visceral way and he was actually quite successful.”

Daryl Hannah made her film debut in 1978 and continues to act both on-screen and often on theater stages. Daryl’s current film project is set for release in 2015.

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