Female British ISIS Fighter Says She Wants David Cameron’s ‘Head On A Spike’

A female British Muslim aged just 18, has taken to her Twitter account to condemn David Cameron for fighting against extremist Islam, stating she wants see his “head on a spike.”

The woman, who is living among ISIS forces in Raqqa in northeast Syria, was also upset about the Prime Minister’s plan to prevent British Jihadis from re-entering the country when they decide to leave Syria and return “home.”

In her hate-filled Tweet, the young woman made her intentions abundantly clear writing,

“In sha Allah [God willing] a day will come when David Camerons head will be on a spike as he continues to wage war on the awilya [protectors] of Allah… and strike terror in the hearts of the kuffar. I really do not understand why Britain is threatening to remove our citizenship like we care lool its actually quiet laughable (sic).”

The ISIS fighter, who goes by the name of @UmmKhattab, has previously posted photos of herself wearing a niqab with a sporting a rifle slung over her shoulder, but she has never revealed her true identity by removing her face covering.

To add to her anti-British rhetoric, UmmKhattab has posted previously for the black flag of ISIS to be raised above Downing Street and claimed she was “excited” at the thought of U.S. soldiers being “slayed” if they invade Syria.

In another Tweet, she implored her fellow British Muslims to join ISIS, writing, “I might be only 18 but I know coming to shaam [is] the best decision. Staying in the UK completely diminishes your islam.”

Thankfully, most British people will agree with her on that one, hoping that she remains with ISIS in Syria in order to work on her “Islam.”

The Twitter account was set up by UmmKhattab after the 16-year-old sisters Salma and Zahra moved to Syria to join ISIS. The girls ran away from their family in Manchester in favor of living under totalitarian rule in the middle east.

The girls have joined a militant female police force called Al-Khanssaa, which imposes radical Islamic standards on women who live under ISIS control.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that Melanie Smith, a research associate at King’s College’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence, confirmed the role of the British women in ISIS, formerly also called ISIL.

“Al-Khanssaa is a sharia police brigade. This is Isil’s female law enforcement. We think it’s a mixture of British and French women but its social media accounts are run by the British and they are written in English.”