ISIS Flag Auctioned At Sydney Mosque Fundraiser Fetches $2000

A shocking video emerged today showing the auctioning of an ISIS flag at a Sydney, Australia Mosque, which fetched an impressive $2,000 at the fundraising event.

The Liverpool Mosque in Western Sydney was the venue for the hate-filled auction, which was packed with people, most of whom were young radicalized Australian Muslim men between the ages of 18 and 30.

The flag is the same one used by ISIS, also known as the Islamic State in its beheading videos, like those of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff who were brutally killed by their ISIS captors in Syria recently.

The video of the ISIS flag auction has been shared widely on social media since it surfaced on Sunday night, as have images of a teenager standing in front of the flag, looking mean and with hate in his eyes.

The teenager is seen wearing black as well as the trademark ISIS headscarf covering his face and looks remarkably like the terrorist who beheaded the American journalists in his attire.

The photo of him is aptly captioned, “going to kill Bashar al Assad now.”

Many Australians are understandably outraged by the ISIS flag auction in Sydney as they begin to understand that even in Australia militant Islam is a worrying trend, one that is increasing rapidly.

Mike Baird spoke to Australia’s Daily Telegraph about the fact that the government would not accept any actions that gave sympathy to terror.

“I note Islamic State is listed by the Commonwealth government as a terrorist organisation and that it is against the law to provide it with any support. We expect everyone in New South Wales to obey the law or face the consequences. All parents and all communities need to protect young people from the insidious and corrosive effects of the radical ideologies that are causing so much suffering around the world.”

The New South Wales Police are unable to do anything about the recent ISIS flag auction as the objective of it was to raise money for the mosque.