Paris Jackson Pregnant At 16: Fact Or Poppycock?

First, Paris Jackson is “getting married,” now rumors are running rampant Michael Jackson’s daughter is pregnant.

Bear in mind that these are rumors, and this wouldn’t be the first time social media got it wrong. But since the general sentiment — as evidenced by a string of tabloids covering the story — is Paris is with child, putting things into context is a good start to sorting through the fluff.

According to the DailyStar, Jackson, 16, was seen recently at dinner with her mysterious boyfriend, who has never been identified since buzz circulated that Paris was dating. Supposedly, Jackson was sporting a baby bump that was clearly discernible, even under her loose-fitting shirt. A fan, who hatched the rumor, says that is but one sign that Paris Jackson is pregnant. Another clue is her choice of beverage during a celebratory toast.

“I saw her at dinner and she twice made a toast drinking water instead of wine. That and the prominent stomach bulge got people talking.”

Jackson’s choice of water likely has something to do with the fact that in most — if not all — states, the legal drinking age for alcohol consumption is 21.

Nonetheless, is Paris pregnant? At this time, there has been no comment from the teenager or the Jackson camp to validate or dispel the gossip. All we know is that MJ’s daughter is on the mend from a host of mental issues, some stemming from the untimely death of her father, Michael, in 2009.

Sources say she was admitted to Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah, a therapeutic boarding school, after she allegedly tried to take her own life back in June of last year.

Then, North Dallas Gazette reported on Paris’ suicide attempt and application to a rehab center.

“She was treated for what appeared to be self-inflicted cuts on her wrists and for ingestion of a possible hazardous amount of pain-killers at UCLA Medical Center, the same place where her father was pronounced dead four years ago.”

Her treatment costs were some $14,000 per month, and was likely paid out of her late father’s estate, which is overseen by Katherine Jackson, the teen’s co-guardian.

Should the rumors pan out that Paris Jackson is pregnant, and if Michael were alive today, what would he say — or even do?

[Image via: North Dallas Gazette]

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