New Pics Show ‘Game Of Thrones’ Shooting Is Already Underway In ‘Braavos’

Winter is coming, and this winter will bring yet another season of the smash hit series Game of Thrones. If you need proof that you’ll be able to get your Westeros fix in the coming months, look no further than these new pics out of a recent Game of Thrones production shoot.

The next season of Game of Thrones will see many of the series’ main characters scattered to the four winds, with Arya Stark…

Wait, you totally shouldn’t be reading this far if you’re not caught up on either the most recent season of Game of Thrones or totally caught up on the books. This is your only warning.

Where were we? Oh yeah…

…with Arya Stark having decided that there is nothing left for her in Westeros and cashing in the Braavosi coin she received from a faceless man a couple of seasons back. This coming season of Game of Thrones promises to see Arya in a totally new world, taking on totally new personas as she [spoiler] the [spoiler] [spoiler] and finds that being a [spoiler] isn’t quite what she thought it would be.

Game of Thrones Braavos
Game of Thrones’ next season will feature a good deal of action in Braavos.

The Game of Thrones production pics aren’t terribly Arya-centric, but they do show that Braavos will be an important location for the series next year. Iron Banker Tychos Nestoris is shown greeting an envoy from Westeros, according to Watchers on the Wall, and a member of the Kingsguard can be seen in the shots as well.

The next Thrones season will likely explore the realities of financing the lavish kingdoms we’ve seen so far in the series. The Iron Bank of Braavos will figure largely into the plot, as it has been the entity financing the Iron Throne and its multiple wars. The Iron Bank is also the power behind Stannis’ recent resurgence, which saw him becoming a makeshift King in the North after crushing the Wildling incursion. It’s not certain just how much of the next season will take place in Braavos, but we can certainly expect a to spend a good deal of time there, considering Arya’s journey to the locale and the ongoing political-financial plot.

Of course, winter can’t get here soon enough if you’re one of those Thrones addict hungry for your next fix. In the mean time, though, we’ve already pointed out a number of things you can do to get your Game of Thrones fix. Still, head on over to Watchers on the Wall to check out more production pics from the next season.