“We’re all so desperate for a Twitter that works.” The Identi.ca wrapup post

A wry version of me could easily suggest that first adopters like shiny new things and flock en masse to each new thing that comes along. While that’s in part true, there’s actually a deeper need here. For an Identi.ca day one wrap, I’m turning primarily to FriendFeed, where some of the best commentary, content and links lie.

The best quote of the day: Leo Laporte
“”It’s funny to see all the Twitterati flock to – we’re all so desperate for a Twitter that works. Why not just clone it?”

Why not indeed. We love the community on Twitter, but we hate the train wreck it has become.

Where this need for working platforms becomes a challenge, from Veronica Belmont
“OK, I joined the new one. Man, I’m getting kind of tired of joining things.”

Shel Israel asks
“Is there anyone here who has actually left Twitter?”

Some have, some find it hard to part company, a point I fully understand.

Need friends to follow on Indenti.ca? Directeur and Dave Winer come to the rescue, both threads providing lots of great people to follow.

Talking of Dave, the most that started the morning for me: Oh happy days.

It’s not been all clear sailing in Indenti.ca land. Besides becoming very slow as more and more people signed up, they also broke the cardinal sin of new services: never upset Robert Scoble:

“Someone already registered scobleizer on identi.ca — I sent an email asking for my account back. Sigh.”

“Funny, my email to identi.ca bounced back. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL.”

A full, running update on the Identi.ca discussion can be viewed on FriendFeed here. The Inquisitr’s coverage here, and a more informal post I wrote on my personal blog here.

Other coverage: VentureBeat, Sarah in Tampa, Ross Mayfield, Tom’s Tech, Mashable and The Standard.

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