These Videos Of Dogs Jumping On Trampolines Will Brighten Your Day [Videos]

There is a video floating around Facebook that shows a dog jumping on a trampoline. The dog doesn’t just get on the trampoline and hop around, instead he is full of tricks and can’t wait to get on the trampoline to show off his moves. However, I have found that dogs on YouTube really love trampolines and the resulting videos are always something that can brighten a day.

In the video above, you see a bulldog who is anxiously waiting for his owner to place him on the trampoline. It is obvious this bulldog is a pro when it comes to using the trampoline. In fact, the dog does some pretty impressive tricks and looks to be having a blast. He does some flips, barrel rolls, and fancy maneuvers that will definitely brighten your day. The pure joy on his face is hilarious.

In this video, you see a compilation of dogs who love jumping on trampolines. From large breeds to small, it seems all dogs really love showing their jumping skills when given the opportunity. Some jump with their owners, others jump with toys and some just jump for the fun of it. At the 3:16 mark you see one doggie discovering the trampoline for the first time. The videos are hysterical, and all the dogs look like they are having the time of their lives.

If you don’t get your daily dose of cute watching those videos. Check out the video of a little dog playing fetch with a machine. It is both hilarious and hypnotic.

Which trampoline jumping dog was your favorite?