Deion Sanders Sees House Slapped With Lien

Deion Sanders has had a bit of a tough year. While he was one of the coaches in the Pro Bowl, Deion has seen a steady decline in happiness since that game kicked off.

Sanders is now facing new trouble and new heat as a judge recently slapped a lien on the former superstar’s house in connection with his divorce proceedings with Pilar Sanders.

The man formerly known as Neon Deion was ordered to pay his now ex-wife’s legal fees from the divorce proceedings and has apparently not been forthcoming with those funds.

Radar Online is reporting that Deion owes the former Mrs. Sanders’ lawyer more than $275,000. It was Deion’s refusal to pay that recently saw the judge decide Sanders needed a little bit more incentive to pay the amount owed.

The lien on Sanders’ house is just the latest of what has become one of the nastier divorce cases around. While Deion and Pilar were once a loving couple on national television, the relationship turned sour in a hurry.

Deion Sanders is pointing out the divorce battle has bled over into a situation where he now feels that it is staining his good name. The former NFLer takes great pride in the fact that he is someone who gives back to his community.

“When you have an allegation that I’ve hit you, that I’ve touched you, that I’ve assaulted you? That’s straight-up ignorant,” the now NFL Network analyst said. “I can’t be alleged the guy that’s lost his mind. That’s not who I am or what I am. I’m opening up schools. I’m doing many things for the community. I have endorsements.”

The former player is also claiming that the lien put on the home is incredibly unfair, since this is the home where his kids have grown up and called home. Despite that claim, the fact of the matter is that if Deion doesn’t pay the legal fees that have been racked up, Sanders could see the home sold out from under him.

Before things went sour, the couple had been married for 14 years. With both members of the split still living in the home, both are willing to admit that it has created a rather volatile situation, but the former Atlanta Falcon and Dallas Cowboy has still refused to leave.

Whether or not Deion Sanders will ever pay the money he owes remains to be seen.

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