Jennette McCurdy Isn’t Too Proud Of People Magazine Quote

Jennette McCurdy recently sat down for an interview with the folks at People magazine. Unfortunately, the actress said something that she ultimately regrets.

Before you fire up Twitter and begin posting about the McCurdy scandal dwelling within the pages of the popular publication, it’s worth noting that the quote in question isn’t outrageous, titillating, or downright mean. In fact, one could go as far as to say that it’s completely unworthy of an entire article.

The fine folks over at Just Jennette, a website that painstakingly follows the comings and goings of the former Sam & Cat star, posted an image from the McCurdy interview featured in People. The actress dishes about her humble abode in Studio City, California, a place where Jennette spends a good amount of time.

Jennette McCurdy And Her Sam & Cat Co-Star
Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande on the set of ‘Sam & Cat’

McCurdy said of her home:

“My whole setup is bedroom-centric. I order a pizza, then set the box on my bed. I read in bed. I even have an office, but I never go in it to do work; I just plop my laptop on my bed. It feels like a comfy little haven.”

Apparently this arrangement is a bit different from her childhood home. Jennette McCurdy apparently wasn’t the neatest person on the planet, something that has changed a bit since she’s ventured out on her own. Unfortunately, McCurdy coughed up a bit of info that People chose to spotlight, one that suggests buying furniture is a major accomplishment.

Check it out:

“I picked out all of the furniture myself, and that makes me proud.”

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with taking pride in picking out furniture, apparently Jennette regrets giving the magazine that sliver of information. McCurdy may have enjoyed her chat with the publication, but she told her legion of Instagram followers that she kind of regrets the aforementioned quote.

“A piece on me and my home in the latest @People magazine home issue. ‘I picked out all my own furniture, and that makes me proud.’ That quote doesn’t make me proud lol.”

Here’s the image that accompanied her recent interview.

Unfortunately for Sam & Cat fans, Nickelodeon ultimately recently decided to pull the plug on the beloved series. While Jennette McCurdy felt the need to weigh in on the People interview, she’s yet to discuss her show’s cancellation as of this writing. Ariana Grande, on the other hand, recently tweeted a long and heartfelt goodbye to the sitcom, though she failed to mention her co-star in the process.

Here’s a small portion of her long goodbye.

“Thank you to the cast and crew who I spent almost every day with for a good 4 or 5 years. Thanks for lighting us beautifully, shooting us beautifully, making the most incredible props, yelling at us when we were running late to set, keeping us on track and most of all for making it such a positive work environment. The guys behind the scenes couldn’t have been more pleasant or hard working and I appreciate them for that so much. I can’t imagine that there is a more pleasant or professional crew in Hollywood. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to a true friend of mine, Dan Schneider. I will never take these memories or lessons learned for granted.”

Do you think Jennette McCurdy has any reason to feel ashamed about her furniture-oriented People magazine quote?

[Images via Nickelodeon]