Bundy Son: Failure To Appear May Lead to Cliven Lance Bundy Jail Time

Cliven Bundy’s son’s failure to appear in court earlier this month has led to a warrant from the court. Cliven Lance Bundy says he is aware of the contempt-of-court warrant that was issued on July 8, and he is working on responding to it.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Lance Bundy was due in court in a case related to his 2012 burglary and weapon felony conviction. Bundy did not appear in court as scheduled, and he indicates that it is because he had surgery in Henderson that day for problems related to a nerve pain condition. Since the surgery, Bundy has been recuperating at his parents’ Bunkerville home. He says that he is working on having his program counselor assist in resolving the issue with the failure to appear, as well as the warrant.

Fox News adds that the 34-year-old was due to appear in a Clark County court in front of the judge overseeing his Las Vegas drug diversion program participation. Cliven Bundy’s son failed to appear, but his father says he will be turning himself in to authorities. It seems the warrant was issued after Bundy failed to appear at the July 1 hearing. Raw Story indicates that Bundy is facing issues alleging that he violated the terms of his probation regarding theft charges.

Cliven Lance Bundy had been sentenced to five years probation after pleading guilty to burglary charges and theft of a firearm. In the deal made, he was required to complete counseling and drug testing. The details regarding how he allegedly did not comply have not been laid out, and it would seem those issues would have been addressed in the July 1 hearing had Bundy’s son not failed to appear.

The elder Bundy, the rancher known for his standoff with authorities over his cattle earlier this year, says his son became addicted to painkillers after a pelvic injury. It seems Lance went through surgery again for issues related to the original injury, and he thought he had permission to put his drug program on hold during his recuperation. It seems both father and son were surprised to hear of the bench warrant that was issued, and now Lance Bundy is working on straightening things out.

The Blaze notes that this isn’t the first time that Bundy’s son failed to appear in court. It seems court records show several other missed hearings as well. If the court finds Lance in violation of the terms of his probation, he could face two to eight years in prison. Bundy’s parents indicate that they thought he had obtained the proper medical releases from the drug program.

It is unclear at this point whether Lance Bundy is in the custody of authorities as of yet. While it seems likely everything will be sorted out regarding Bundy’s son’s failure to appear in court, there are certainly some lessons learned this time around in how to handle similar issues in the future, most would think.

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