Laura Prepon Marriage Rumors: Does Private White Dress Fitting Mean Wedding Bells?

Laura Prepon is usually associated with the colors orange and black, but as some news reports would have it, white may be the new black for the TV starlet.

Rumors of an upcoming wedding were sparked earlier this week when Prepon was spotted having a private white dress fitting at Bergdorf Goodman. Then again, it seems that the Orange is the New Black actress has been subject to the ever-eager eye of the media, particularly the tabloid press.

According to Laura Prepon, the white dress fitting was ahead of her new role hosting the Bella New York City magazine’s All White Party in the Hamptons on July 26, and not because she is getting married any time soon.

Besides, the white Isabelle Armstrong gown, which apparently looks great on Prepon, isn’t a wedding dress at all, even if it is white. Yet the media seem to make a story out of nothing as reported earlier in the week, the white dress fitting may have had something to do with wedding bells.

Laura Prepon became famous back in the late 1990s, when she starred as Donna Pinciotti in That ’70s Show. When that show ended in 2006, Prepon featured in the series October Road, but that show only lasted two seasons.

Although Prepon had appeared in a string of TV dramas, including Castle, House M.D., and How I Met Your Mother, she rose to stardom for her role as Alex Vause in Orange is the New Black back in 2013.

And, according to Laura Prepon, it’s thanks to her part in Orange is the New Black that she is the most comfortable she has ever been with her body. As she told the July issue of Woman’s Running magazine:

“All the women on the show are different shapes, sizes, colors and creed – everything! You really embrace who you are, your curves and everything … So if anything on this show, it’s the most comfortable I’ve ever been because all of us just really embrace who we are. It’s wonderful.”

So, while orange may be the new black, the question remains, is white now Laura Prepon’s new favorite color?

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