International Kissing Day 2014: Have You Celebrated?

International Kissing Day is today, July 6.

For some, the day might be a bit of a downer if there is no one who naturally and organically comes to mind for a kiss. For others, it is just another day in the life of a beautiful relationship.

We’ve decided to go back through and see what others have said about the celebration of this day that is a beautiful celebration for some and could possibly be a downer for others. Here’s what we found:

First, over at The Huffington Post, the website had an article dating back to International Kissing Day 2012 detailing what it said were some of the best kisses in history:

“Like all holidays worth their weight, this one can be traced back to a press relations office: legend has it a dental insurance company in the UK dreamed the idea up. No more information exists on this crafty corp — its name, its other wacky marketing schemes (Worldwide Make Sure Your Dental Insurance Is Up-To-Date Because It Is Important, No Matter How Secondary It Might Seem To Other Forms Of Insurance Day? We need that day!), all a mystery. It’s safe to say International Kissing Day is that company’s greatest achievement.”

The website said while not much is known about the company that originated the holiday, the United Nations made International Kissing Day an official holiday more than 20 years ago.

Perhaps one of the most famous kisses in world history, and the first on the HuffPost’s list, was the V-J Day Kiss between a nurse and a sailor after Japan surrendered after a long and bloody World War II.

Number one on The Huffington Post’s Best Kisses In History. Image via Wikipedia.

Another 2012 article from noted International Kissing Day, but took an approach for singles when marking the occasion.

“It’s International Kissing Day today (Friday 6th July 2012) so why not celebrate by packing your bags and jetting off to one of these exciting holiday destinations for singles…”

The locales included Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Lanzarote, Canary Islands; and Prague, Czech Republic. We will leave it to you to figure out why these locales are some of the tops for singles.

For the singles who may not be looking to mingle, The Inquisitr‘s Aric Mitchell pointed out in a May 18 article that there is such a holiday as International Masturbation Month. So if finding someone to smooch isn’t your thing, well…

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]

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