“The Fault In Our Stars’ Iconic Bench – Stolen?

The bench in Amsterdam that became an icon when it was used in a scene in The Fault In Our Stars is missing, say authorities. They’re not sure exactly when it disappeared, and the reason that no one noticed it missing is astounding!

Characters Gus and Hazel (played by Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley) sit on the bench on their last day in Amsterdam while discussing developments in their cancer diagnoses, and the two share a kiss, making it a pretty important piece of scenery, and an attraction for Fault In Our Stars fans, according to locals who’ve seen fans come up just to sit on the bench.

City officials are assuming that a The Fault In Our Stars fan pulled up the bench and took it home as a souvenir, although they also admit that because of the bench’s deteriorating condition, it’s possible that it was simply removed by a maintenance crew, perhaps with intent of repair or replacement, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Stephan Van Der Hoek, speaking as a representative of the city, said that it’s likely the bench was removed intentionally, since there are no signs of damage to the cement around the location, but did joke that The Fault In Our Stars fans should keep an eye on eBay for the worn but memorable bench.

Whatever happened to the bench, the New York Daily News reports that officials have assured the public that the bench will be replaced before the premiere of the movie in Dutch theaters.

Why, though, was the bench able to disappear without anyone noticing its absence? Apparently, the area didn’t look as though it was missing anything — because someone placed a large flower box in the place where the bench had sat! With the flowerpot in place, and no empty gap, it seems people walked right past the iconic scene without any idea anything was wrong.

The flower box seems to be as much a mystery as the bench’s disappearance. Officials have speculated that perhaps neighbors chipped in together to purchase the pot, but no one has come forward to take credit. It’s entirely possible that the bench thief himself placed the plants in a cunning trick to delay notice.

The Fault In Our Stars premieres in Dutch theaters July 10, so officials don’t have very long to replace the bench, if they aim to keep their promise of having it replaced before that date.

[Photo Credit: Janericloebe]