This Letter From A Little Girl To Her Neighbor Whom She Bothered, Will Show The Power Of A Simple Apology

Letters from kids are often filled with innocent emotions that are heartfelt. A little girl recently had the honest intention of apologizing to her neighbors for misbehaving and opted to pen a letter to them asking for their forgiveness.

Clearly written with a pure heart, the kid identified as Ketsia had misbehaved with her neighbors. The neighbor of the child is this Reddit user (@pink_vicky) who caught this girl throwing stones at her backdoor. As with any good citizen, pink_vicky reprimanded the little girl and sternly told her that her behavior wasn’t appropriate. Apparently there weren’t any heated words or yelling, pink_vicky only told her off and that was supposed to be the end of that. However, the next day pink_vicky received a letter that she felt compelled to share with the world, reported News Talk.

The girl next door, Ketsia got into trouble because she was throwing rocks at the pink_vicky’s door. After being told it was a wrong, Ketsia did something that is very unlike her age. The apology letter that pink_vicky was hand-written in the cutest way and comes right to the point. It reads,

“Dear parents of the little boy,

“I am truly sorry for throwing stones and rocks at your door. I was acting very stupid and after you told me off I heard a baby crying and I wasn’t sure if it was your baby or not.

“I am really sorry, like really, really sorry and I hope you forgive me.

“From Ketsia (the person who threw the rocks).”

The little girl even attached a gift of three homemade bracelets for the family. If the cute “turn-over” is making you itchy, the back page of the letter essentially repeats the same apology profusely, “I’m really sorry, like, really, really sorry,” reported Irish Mirror.

Like any good neighbor, the parents replied to Ketsia’s letter. They thanked the girl for the apology and confirmed that they accepted the same. They also accepted the gifts and thanked her for thoughtfully including them, confirmed pink_vicky, “We posted a reply back through the hole in the fence this morning, saying we accepted her apology and thanked her for the bracelets.”

Apology letters may have never been accepted as a mainstream technique to bury the hatchet, but perhaps after looking at this letter, people might surely be tempted to own up their faults and offer to amends their ways. The art of letter writing has indeed been replaced by abbreviated instant messages. Hence this one written by a young girl certainly warms the heart.

[Image Credit | Reddit]