Carmen Electra Reveals Secret To Her Beauty: ‘Wash Off Your Makeup At Night’

Carmen Electra, who most people best remember for her time on Baywatch in the 1990’s, is back where she belongs, in a swimsuit, flaunting her awesome body.

A good 16 years since the young aspiring actress began her career, on the beach in red swimwear saving people’s lives, she is now back in the summer issue of Galore magazine, in all her glory – well, almost all.

And we’re not sure if Carmen Electra was just showing off or, if she was for real, when she revealed to the publication that she had double jointed hips, which will probably make her even more desirable.

Among other things, the Playboy model admitted that she wasn’t perfect and apparently carries out regular late night raids on her fridge as well as sleeping with the TV on.

There is no doubt she looks awesome in the photo shoot, having donned various different bathing suits, some of which were extremely revealing, both down below and up above.

What’s more, Carmen Electra was photographed striking some very seductive, and even sexually provocative poses for the camera. That included wearing a black monokini that she sported with knee-high stilettos, showing her extremely long and thin legs.

In revealing her secrets to saying beautiful and keeping young she said “Try to stay stress free and wash off your makeup at night.”

Electra also shared that she signed a record contract with Prince back in 1993, having moved to L.A. from the midwest, recounting how she was discovered by the star.

“I auditioned for a girl group he was producing. I didn’t get that job but he called me after the auditions and asked if I wanted to work on a solo project.”

Of course, it’s blatantly obvious to most people that “Carmen Electra” is a made-up name, as she was actually born with the rather more mundane name of Tara Leigh Patrick, which doesn’t quite have the same ring as Carmen Electra.

She spoke about how she got that name: “When I was coming out with my debut album, there was another artist named Tara on the charts. Prince gave me my name, called me into the studio the next day, where I recorded, Carmen On Top. That’s when the name really stuck,” she said.

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