Watch A Man Hanging On The Back Of Speeding Car — Police Now Trying To Figure Out What Was Going On

A man riding on the back of a speeding car stunned drivers in North Carolina on Saturday afternoon, and now has police baffled as they try to find the man — and the woman and child who were inside the car.

The man smashed his way into the car, shattering the rear windshield with what appeared to be some sort of object or weapon held in his hand.

The bizarre sight left motorists shocked and rubbernecking the scene on a stretch of Interstate 77 near Exit 7, and prompted one driver to whip out her cell phone and capture as much as she could of the weird and frightening spectacle on video.

You can see that video above, as part of a local news report on the incident.

“All of a sudden the kids say, ‘There’s someone on top of the car on the trunk,’ and I’m like what?” said Brenda Cruz, who was driving in her own car with her 17-year-old son and her whole family. “I said, “‘Let me get my phone,’ and started recording.”

“It was really weird, I thought it was a dummy at first,” her son Samuel Cruz told TV station WSOC.

But the already disturbing incident turned downright frightening when the unidentified man punched through the rear windshield using something held in his hand. The man then pushed himself through the broken windshield into the car.

The car was driven by a woman who was accompanied by a small child in a car seat.

“Whenever he lifted his hand to smash the glass open, it looked like it was something sharp,” said Samuel Cruz, which since witnessing the unsettling scene has been haunted by whatever might have happened once the man got himself inside and the car sped out of sight. “I’m really worried because I just hope she’s OK, you know, with her kid.”

In addition to the Cruz family, several other drivers called 911 to report the man on the car to North Carolina police. But by the time state troopers got to the scene, the white sedan an the man on the car were long gone.

The police say that have no idea what might have been going on and they currently trying to locate the car, as well as the man, woman and child involved in the freeway drama.

But the police say they are operating on the assumption that the man on the car and the woman inside somehow knew each other, but of course they have no way of knowing until they track the people down.