Jennie Garth: ‘90210’ Chemistry Was Lacking In Reboot Cast, Disses Actress

Beverly Hills, 90210 stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling are working on a new show together called Mystery Girls, and as they do press for the series, some interesting tidbits are emerging. During a chat on the Just Jenny Sirius XM show, a moment came up where Jennie Garth dissed the 90210 chemistry between the actors starring in the reboot. Granted, there may be show fans who agree with her.

As the Los Angeles Times notes, Jennie Garth’s 90210 chemistry comment regarding the 2008 reboot didn’t call out specific actors or actresses. The show, which ran until 2011, was never the kind of hit that the original was, but both wistful fans and those involved in the second version may take a bit of offense at Garth’s comments.

Specifically, Jennie said, “That’s an example of a cast that really didn’t have that chemistry, you know.” She added, “It’s hard to find actors who have that. It’s like lightning in a bottle, and you either have it or you don’t.”

Some might say those comments are a wee bit interesting considering the dramatics that seemingly took place behind the scenes between Jennie, Tori, Shannen Doherty, and Tiffani Thiessen, for example. It seems there was plenty of lightning on that set, but perhaps of a different nature.

Even all these years later, it’s clear that there are still divides among the original 90210 cast members. As E! Online notes, when Garth was asked whether she’d rather be stranded on an island with Thiessen or Doherty, it took little effort for her to pick Shannen.

Jason Priestley recently released a memoir, and he had a few choice tidbits to say about the show’s cast. Of course then there is Ian Ziering, who had a few thoughts to share on Spelling’s reality TV show True Tori. So, was the original 90210 cast really any more impressive when it comes to chemistry? Perhaps they at least managed to make it look better on-screen than those in the reboot.

Many viewers would probably concede that the reboot of the show never captured quite the same magic or fun that the original did. It may be a bit much to lay all of that at the feet of the cast and their chemistry, however. Jennie Garth’s 90210 chemistry comments do seem to resonate with some of the show’s fans online. Of course now the question is, will Mystery Girls, airing Wednesday nights on ABC Family, have the cast chemistry needed to build a committed following?

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