90-Year-Old Woman Raped In Broad Daylight

A 90-year-old woman in the U.K. was raped in broad daylight early Tuesday morning as she walked to a butcher’s to purchase a bacon sandwich, SkyNews reports.

The attack happened at approximately 6:45 am.

According to the police report, the woman — who was not named — had a £1 coin in one hand ($1.70 equivalent) and a walking stick in the other.

“A hand was placed over her mouth from behind and she was dragged backwards before she lost consciousness,” the news site stated. “When she came round she found she had been pulled to the ground and raped.”

All police know about the assailant currently is that he is a white man, but they’re hopeful on making an arrest because of three factors: CCTV footage, forensic evidence, and the public.

Greater Manchester Police Superintendent Alistair Mallen said the victim was “really upset, distressed, and traumatized.”

“What I’d say to that individual — and if he’s watching me now — get yourself to a police station and explain your actions. If you don’t, I’ll tell you now, we will be knocking at your door in the next 24 hours.”

Mallen described what he was feeling as “revulsion” and was confident the public would feel the same way and be more than willing to aid police in the manhunt.

“The victim has been through an horrific ordeal and we are all hoping she can make a full recovery,” he added.

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk told Sky there was “a real sense of shock and horror” in the community, and urged anyone with information to help police “catch this sick individual.”

“Local people are struggling to comprehend how anyone can do this. Our heart goes out to this poor woman. She must have gone through hell,” he said.

In comments reported by The Telegraph, Danczuk was noted as saying, “Sexual abuse has left painful scars on our town in recent years and we are determined to confront this crime and make sure anyone connected to this type of activity is jailed.”

“There is a huge amount of anger across the town and we need to unite to help ensure that criminals like this have no place to hide,” he added.

Unfortunately, whether it’s the elderly or the very young, we hear about stories like this too often, and the culprits aren’t always the most obvious.

As for the 90-year-old raped by the unknown assailant, she was described as still being in a state of shock by medical officials, but “determined to see justice.”