NBA News: Lebron James Opts Out Of Deal, Becomes Free Agent

Lebron James’ agent Richie Paul dropped a bombshell on the entire sports world this morning. James will opt out of his deal with the Miami Heat and become a free agent.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard broke the story in what should be dubbed, “The Decision 2.0.”

“James had June 30 to decide whether to opt out of the final two years of his contract with the Heat. He was scheduled to make $20 million next season.”

James clearly came to a decision six days before the deadline hit. After a frustrating and penultimate loss to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals, King James assumed it was time to test the free agent market once again. He is the biggest star in all of sports. The world will now be watching where he ends up.

Leaving guaranteed money on the table is a gutsy move for the 4-time MVP. If it isn’t already obvious, every team will want James for a long-term deal. Our own Jason Savage wrote this piece on where James could end up. The Cavaliers, a home for James, may be the potential landing spot for Lebron.

I mean, his own wife posted a photo on Instagram calling Akron “Home Sweet Home.”

The 2014 NBA offseason just became the most interesting one since 2010. Carmelo Anthony just opted out of his deal in New York and decided to test free agency. Could this be a ruse in the works by the two All-Stars?

Melo played possum in New York for years while winning absolutely nothing. With James, success follows him. He’s been to five NBA Finals and won two. For any normal man, that is nothing short of extraordinary. For Lebron James, that’s not good enough. It wouldn’t have been good enough for Michael Jordan either. Since the two are constantly compared, James must take his game to another level.

Often times, a new piece of scenery does the trick. Below are a few ideas I came up with that would be a good fit for King James:

  • Chicago Bulls: If affordable, James would be a great addition to the already-great lineup with Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose. As long as Rose remained healthy, that team would be a championship-caliber team automatically.
  • Houston Rockets: Their name continues to float around in the James mix. With Dwight Howard under the hoop, James would give them that added sexiness.
  • Cleveland Cavaliers: Don’t count them out just yet. Kyrie Irving is a star. They own the NBA’s first overall draft pick this year. If it is Jabari Parker or Anthony Wiggins, think of Lebron like a father to them. It would be the best chance for Cleveland to finally win a championship.

It will be nothing like 2010’s circus was. Instead of creating a 30-minute program that halts is credibility, you have to believe Paul will be taking precaution this time around with his client.

The story is far from over. Make sure to check back with the Inquisitr, as we will have the latest on Lebron James and the exciting conclusion to his free-agent novel this summer.

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