Michelle Wie Celebrates Her First Major Win By Drinking From The Trophy And Twerking

Wins have to be celebrated; however, many athletes go a lot further than having fun while soaking in the admiration. Michelle Wie recently won her first major at the U.S Open. Instead of celebrating like any other image-conscious public figure, she went ahead and did some things that she would surely regret in the future.

Agreeably it was a celebration more than eight years in the making. Michelle Wie, who turned pro just before turning 16, won her first career major Sunday after shooting a 70 in the final round of the U.S. Open. After claiming the title, the 24-year-old celebrated with friends. The party was filled with dancing and drinking out of the championship trophy. Though its not unusual for champions to drink out of the winning cup, Michelle Wie went a step ahead and dished out some Miley Cyrus dance moves.

Michelle Wie Getting ready To Twerk

Michelle actually twerked, but unlike Miley who prefers real people or everyday objects, she chose a wall to do so. If that’s not funny, Michelle twerked upside-down! The video above—in which Wie drinks beer out of her U.S. Open trophy, twerks on a wall, and just generally celebrates like any 24-year-old girl should—was posted to Instagram by one of her friends. However, the evidence about tournament revelry is being swiftly obliterated.

The Punahou High School and Stanford University graduate initially posted an Instagram photo of herself drinking from the coveted cup. Soon many of her friends posted their own videos of Michelle who was clearly in high spirits. The video and images clearly show that Michelle Wei is one wild party animal and when the revelry is born out her first major win, the celebration has to be epic, reported Bar-Stool Sports.

Michelle is one of the most determined and youngest players in the game, which is usually associated with senior members of the society. Wie started when she was barely 4 years old and has been truly focused. The video clearly seems to suggest, what the problem was with Michelle all these years. It wasn’t the media pressure. It wasn’t her father. It was the partying, suggested Fansided.

Michelle Wie Giving The Bird

Could this partying prove to be her downfall? Apparently Michelle Wie seems to be a lot closer to John Daly than she ever was to Tiger Woods. Could her career arc be like a bell curve; a short run of glory followed by a series of epic meltdowns and finally a descent into ugly-pant-wearing mediocrity?

Golf as a game has always been considered a bit snobbish. Did the take-down of the evidence of wild partying by one of the champions; have something to do with it?

[Image Credit | Deadspin, barstoolsports]

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