Does Melissa McCarthy Really Know Her Husband Ben Falcone?

Melissa McCarthy has been working with her husband Ben Falcone for years, but how well does she know her husband? In her new film Tammy, Falcone makes his directing debut. In the past the two collaborated on screen, in films like Bridesmaids, Identity Thief, The Heat, and now Tammy, which he pulls triple duty in.

With all of their time on screen together, Melissa McCarthy should know her husband Ben Falcone like the back of her hand, but does she really? Entertainment Tonight put Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone through a mini Newlywed game round, and you might be surprised by some of the results.

During the Tammy press junket Melissa was asked to name her husband’s celebrity crush. She said Selma Hayek, and it turns out that Falcone has the hots for Jennifer Aniston. After hearing the answer McCarthy corrects herself and remembers a time when they were just starting to get to know each other. “When I met him he had a picture of Jennifer Aniston in his room. Once we started dating I said, we can take this down, right?”

When asked about his wife’s celebrity crush, Ben said, “she used to talk about Taye Diggs a lot,” which Melissa fired back at jokingly, “Listen, Taye Diggs is pretty.”

Of her annoying habit Falcone says that McCarthy likes to tap on his teeth before they turn out the lights and go to sleep. “She’ll be like, ‘it helps me sleep.'”

Melissa commented on her odd habit, “I weirdly love to tap on his teeth. I find it funny. I’m a horrible person.”

Although McCarthy got that first question wrong it sounds like she knows her husband just fine. During a previous interview with Rolling Stone (not her recent cover story), she gave her husband the highest honor by saying he’s the funniest person alive.

“It’s my husband [Ben Falcone, who plays Air Marshal Jon in Bridesmaids]. He makes me gut-laugh all day, every day of my life.”

As for the comedian’s favorite joke? McCarthy goes for the old school-type joke for Rolling Stone.

“What is a Chinese dentist’s favorite time? Tooth-hurty.’ My husband tells it to me all the time, but he always says it as if I’ve never heard it. And he usually delivers it with one leg up on a chair.”

You can catch Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone star alongside each other in the film Tammy. The comedy hits theaters on July 2.

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