John F. Kennedy Jr. Father’s Love Child Before His Death [Report]

The Kennedy curse reared its ugly head when the son of the late John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr. perished in a plane crash with his wife Carolyn Bessette in 1999. That said, was the Kennedy curse lifted by a silver lining of a brand new Kennedy child? It might have been. According to Globe magazine the late politician fathered a child a few months before his death. This should come as a surprise to most of us, but apparently this wasn’t news to the Kennedys.

According to a woman, who’s the daughter of an Italian aristocrat, she claims she met John F. Kennedy Jr. at a party in 1998 while he was married to Carolyn Bessette. At the time the public was already aware that their marriage was on the rocks given the rumors about Bessette not being happy about the life she signed up for with John. What the public didn’t know is that this woman hooked up with John F. Kennedy Jr.

According to the woman she saw John overtime and he confessed that he was growing upset due to his wife’s depression. While Kennedy was focused on his work, the woman said Bessette was busy doing drugs, and falling to a deep depression. These two things allegedly led to major problems and according to the woman John’s marriage was completely broken. Unfortunately Carolyn isn’t here to defend herself as she perished in the plane crash that took John F. Kennedy Jr’s life.

That said, it is believed that John F. Kennedy Jr did father a child. According to the Globe magazine Kennedy’s son who’s named Gianni, was born in New York. It should be noted that the name Gianni is the Italian form of John. Apparently photos as well as the woman’s memoir about her affair with John are currently being shopped around. Gianni, who’s now 15, apparently has a very striking resemblance to John, which isn’t too hard to believe given those strong Onassis genes.

According to the boy’s mother, whose name has not yet been released, she is hoping that her son’s lineage will be confirmed and he will have his rightful place in American history. It’s also said that the love child of John F. Kennedy Jr. is very interested in following his father’s political footsteps by committing to a life of politics.

While the news that John F. Kennedy Jr. might have fathered a son is shocking to the public, according to a source this is a story that the Kennedy family knew about and tried hard to keep under wraps to avoid yet another Kennedy scandal from leaking out.

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