Major Wonder Woman Spoilers From ‘Batman VS Superman’

Some major Wonder Woman spoilers have leaked onto the web concerning Batman vs Superman, Dawn of Justice according to

I’ll reiterate the above: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Okay, you’ve been warned.

From Variety, we know that Wonder Woman will be played by Gal Gadot in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film, but rumors concerning Wonder Woman’s actual presence in the film have been sketchy. Many thought that only Wonder Woman’s alter ego, Diana Prince, would be in the film. Furthermore, if Wonder Woman did make a substantial appearance in the film, what would she be wearing?

It now seems that we have some answers to those questions.

First off, JoBlo says they have a trusted source who states, “Her character will be introduced as Diana in the film initially before we ever see her as Wonder Woman. She will have a fair amount of screen time and will team up with Batman and Superman for the final battle against an unnamed villain who my be working with or controlled by Lex Luthor.” On Wonder Woman’s origin: [it will be] “intentionally vague, but she is brought into the fold to show that there are other superheroes in the universe other than Superman.”

Final battle! Does this mean we’ll actually see Wonder Woman suit up alongside Bats and Supes?

“This Wonder Woman is ripped right from the comics,” the source continues. “Wonder Woman has a traditional, yet sleeker costume that’s battle ready. She’ll have a blue leather skirt, silver armored cuffs that reach her elbows, golden tiara… and a variation of the traditional-looking red top.”

Right. This description of Wonder Woman sounds very familiar.

The source says that Wonder Woman is described as an “Amazon warrior princess and definitely not an urban reimagining.” That puts to rest some fears by fans that Snyder might go with the New 52 comic-era Wonder Woman costume that included a black jacket and leggings.

What might be most interesting, however, is the spoilers concerning Wonder Woman’s weapons in the film. “That’s right, not just a golden lasso here,” the source confirmed. “Wonder Woman will have no less than four weapons, including a shield, sword, spear, and of course, the traditional lasso. It’s also noted that she will wear the shield on her back, Captain America-style, when not in use.”

In addition to the new information about Wonder Woman, the source added a few tidbits about Wayne Manor and the Batcave featured in the film. Apparently, Wayne Manor will sit on the edge of a lake, which is a new twist on the setting. Below the manor will be the Batcave, which houses the Batmobile and a Batwing!

There you have it, some fantastic new Spoilers concerning Wonder Woman. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, featuring Wonder Woman, is slated for a 2016 release.

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