Peter Dinklage Plays ‘Dad Of Thrones’ With Daughter Zelig In Toronto

Peter Dinklage may play a fearless character on Game of Thrones, but in real life the 45-year-old actor is a softie when it comes to his daughter.

Dinklage was spotted taking a stroll with his family in Toronto, where he is finishing up work on a movie. He was spotted with his wife, 39-year-old theater director Erica Schmidt, with their 2-year-old daughter Zelig in tow.

Peter Dinklage and his daughter sported matching curly hair and held hands as they crossed the street.

While Game of Thrones is likely way too adult for Zelig to watch or even understand, her dad has also worked on some much more family friendly projects. He had a breakout role of sorts in the 2003 movie Elf, playing a stone-hearted book executive that tangles with Will Ferrell’s character.

His latest work also caters to Zelig. Peter was in Toronto doing work for the movie Pixels, an animated feature from Adam Sandler’s studio. The movie is an adaptation of a short film from writer-director Patrick Jean, depicting an alien attack on New York City with a funny twist. The invaders are based on 1980s video game characters, and the United States government recruits a team of video game experts to fight the aliens.

Dinlkage has plenty of other work in the pipeline. He plays the villainous Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days of Future Past and is slated to play a leprechaun in the Paramount comedy O’ Lucky Day.

But though he’s got a busy schedule, Peter Dinklage has plenty of time for his family. He’s spotted often with wife Erica and daughter Zelig.

Even when he’s got Hollywood business to tend to, Dinklage isn’t far from his daughter. He noted that while he and his wife were at the 2012 Golden Globe awards, one of their first nights out away after Zelig’s birth, they were in close contact with the babysitter.

“She’s the one texting, because I think I’d be sweating. I don’t think my texts would work,” he said.

Pictures of Peter Dinklage with his adorable daughter can be found here.

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