Will Robin Thicke’s Wife Take Him Back?

Robin Thicke is trying to get his wife Paula Patton back, that much is apparent. The couple split back in February, and the crooner cancelled some of his shows to fly back to her side to no avail.

Nobody was really surprised that Thicke and his wife separated at the time since there were rampant rumors for months indicating that there was trouble in paradise. Paula was apparently fed up with her husband’s flirtatious personality, and even though he wasn’t tied to anyone in particular, there were signs that he wasn’t committed to the marriage.

Perfect example was this photo, which surfaced after that controversial performance with Miley Cyrus during last year’s MTV VMAs. The woman claimed Thicke had made his move while at an event related to the awards and posted the pic on Instagram (watch the mirror reflection).

That didn’t sit so well with Robin Thicke’s wife, but the couple kept reporting everything was fine with their relationship and they showed a united front. But that lasted only until February, when Patton’s publicist announced the split.

Now Robin Thicke is doing some serious groveling and saying he wants his wife back, but she hasn’t budged. Paula is not convinced that her wayward hubby has changed his ways.

In a new video, Thicke’s attempts at winning his wife are more apparent than ever. The new single titled “Get Her Back,” from his upcoming LP Paula, a distraught Robin is seen bruised and unkept, begging for forgiveness while personal text messages scroll on the screen. It is just a bit awkward, to say the least.

The very personal messages show the tug-of-war going on between the lovers. Some of them read: “How could you do that to me,” “I kept trying to warn you you were pushing me too far,” “You drink too much,” “You embarrassed me,” and “I can’t make love to you anymore.”

At one point Thicke desperately says, “I wrote a whole album for you,” but a cold Patton responds, “I don’t care.” You get the idea — a lot of back and forth between Thicke and his heartbroken wife. Yet, the singer is not giving up.

In May, Robin Thicke performed the single for the first time live at the Billboard Music Awards and dedicated it to his wife, Paula:

“Most importantly, I’d like to thank my wife for her love and support and for putting up with me for all of these years.”

It remains to be seen whether Robin Thicke’s wife will give him a second chance and whether his very public apologies will work. The couple started dating since they were teens and have a son together.

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