Rocky Relationship: Kaley Cuoco And Ryan Sweeting Divorce? Rumors Point To Jealousy

Is there a rocky relationship forming between Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting? Divorce rumors have been swirling this week that the celebrity couple is having trouble in their marriage, and emerging reports are pointing to jealousy being a primary cause. According to the International Business Times, a public argument between Cuoco and Sweeting — allegedly prompted by Kaley getting angry at Ryan for making too many female friends — has left both stars feeling strained and “disconnected.”

It hasn’t even been a full year since television actress Kaley Cuoco took her wedding vows alongside tennis pro Ryan Sweeting, but word of a rocky relationship regarding the duo’s love life has gotten out. An upcoming issue of Star Magazine is alleging that it is Cuoco’s jealousy of her new husband that’s at the root of the problem. The source alleges that the couple is fighting because she wants Ryan’s undivided attention, and Sweeting is unwilling to give it to her.

“A pattern has emerged in the relationship that leaves Kaley looking like a jealous monster. She wants Ryan’s undivided attention all of the time and when he focuses on anyone else she loses it.”

Rumors regarding the couple’s happiness in their relationship were initially positive, with Kaley sharing on the Ellen DeGeneres show several months back how Ryan helped her find love when she wasn’t expecting it. However, this sense of marital bliss has since turned to talk of jealousy and divorce, with the television star’s love for her husband allegedly becoming a bit on the obsessive side.

Travelers Today suggested that one of the main reasons divorce may be in the future is due to a recent public fight between Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting. At a close friend’s engagement party, the couple was said to be quarreling loudly and creating a scene. Kaley was said to have stormed off before the situation got too out of hand, but not before other party goers noticed she and Ryan were clearly not getting along.

The specifics of the argument have not been determined quite yet, but the fight is again speculated to have started after the tennis pro tried talking to some other women at the engagement festivities. Some rumors try to substantiate this jealousy claim by saying that Cuoco is even against her husband’s friendship with New Girl star Zooey Deschanel, despite the latter’s kind and lighthearted nature.

In a previous report by The Inquisitr, it was revealed that Kaley and Ryan got married at one of the most romantic times all year back in 2013 — while the New Year’s Ball was being dropped. The two seemed at the zenith of happiness back then, so it would be a shame to see their marriage hit the ground so quickly. It should also be made known that neither Cuoco’s reps nor Sweeting’s reps have offered any comment on their so-called rocky relationship, so any and all splitsville gossip remains utterly unconfirmed.

What is your reaction to the alleged Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting divorce rumors? Do you think this rocky relationship is going to last, or are the celebrity breakup rumors surrounding the couple nothing but idle gossip?

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