Harrison Ford Leaves London Hospital In Wheelchair Following Surgery For Broken Leg

Star Wars Episode VII star Harrison Ford, left a London hospital following surgery to his broken leg. The 71-year-old actor suffered a freak accident at the famous Pinewood Studios, where the J.J. Abrams blockbuster is being filmed.

It is unclear how, the much talked about injury to Harrison Ford’s leg will affect the release of the awaited film, which is the continuation of the saga started by creator George Lucas in 1977. The actor was scheduled to return as original character Han Solo, the rogue, who finds himself in the middle of a battle for the survival of an entire planet in A New Hope.

Ford — who is known for doing most of his stunts in movies such as Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Patriot Games, and Clear And Present Danger — broke his leg when one of the hydraulic doors on the Millennium Falcon fell on him. Many made fun of the fact that the veteran actor hurt himself on set, however, when it was revealed that he landed in the hospital and required surgery, some of those jokes seemed to be toned down.

On Monday, Harrison Ford was seen sitting on a wheelchair, as he left the central London hospital where he was taken following the incident on June 12. The surgery took place on Saturday.

Things certainly don’t sound good for the Star Wars Episode VII production after Harrison Ford landed in the hospital. It is unclear how much the production will be delayed, as the actor will require about six-months to recover, very different from the initial eight-weeks that had been previously reported.

According to Jedi News there was a meeting on Monday to discuss all options after Ford’s hospitalization:

“We’re hearing via a number of sources that production on (Star Wars) Episode VII could be delayed due to the severe nature of Harrison Ford’s leg injury.”

“We understand a meeting was called this morning at Pinewood to discuss the situation, but the early word is that production of the film could be pushed back by a substantial amount of time.”

Bad news for fanboys, who have been waiting years for this movie and especially devastating news, after the official cast was announced by Abrams in late April, following months of speculation.

After leaving the hospital Harrison Ford is expected to have weeks of physical therapy to bring him back to shape, so he can join original cast members Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels, and Kenny Baker. Star Wars Episode VII is scheduled to open in the U.S. on December 18, 2015.

[Image via NY Daily News]

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