13-Year-Old Schoolgirl Forced To Drink Dirty Puddle Water For Being Too Pretty [Watch]

In a disturbing case of bullying in Russia a 13-year-old girl was forced by her schoolmates to drink dirty puddle water as a punishment for being too pretty,.

The young girl, Vlada Kholod, was also beaten and shouted out by her classmates who didn’t hide the fact that they were punishing her for being too pretty.

The incident was filmed by some boys from the school who watched as Kholod was forced to her knees by her hair into a filthy, muddy puddle.

The young victim was set upon by a gang of at least four girls from her school in Korkino in the Ural Mountains of western Russia. After the shocking incident, the boys uploaded the video to the Russian social network VKontakte.

After it was uploaded, and teachers learned of the attack, they made the girls apologize to Kholod. Vlada’s attackers were also reportedly reprimanded.. Olga Guseva, 16, Lyubov Goloborodko, 14, Sasha Rattsova, 15, and Ekatirina Streltsova, also 15, claimed that their younger schoolmate had insulted their parents.

They alleged that they wanted to teach her a lesson to watch her mouth and thoughts, and that making her drink dirty puddle water was a fitting punishment. But, according to Kholod, the girls attacked her because their boyfriends took an interest in her, due to her good looks.

Following the apology, the victim verbally denounced the bullies and their actions in front of the whole school. One of the victim’s classmates spoke about Kholod: “She was very brave. She faced up to these bullies and they had to eat humble pie.”

Nevertheless, the disturbing bullying attack has sent shockwaves through a whole community, which is left wondering on the best way is to address violence in schools and how to put a stop to it.

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