‘The Owl Whisperer’ Rids His Kitchen Of An Unusual Pest [Video]

A new viral video on YouTube called “The Owl Whisperer” might not be packed with special effects, but it certainly has enough suspense to rival most of Hollywood’s offerings lately.

Some TV fans might even recall a certain recurring gag on Futurama. On that animated science fiction parody series, pigeons have been extinct for a few hundred years, to be replaced by owls as the dominant airborne pest. It would certainly be a problem at night with their usual calls probably echoing through your home, but otherwise the biggest problem might be discovering their “pellets” in hard to reach places.

Owls have even been the source of inside humor for some movies like Sam Worthington’s Clash and Wrath of the Titans. A particular golden owl which played a prominent role in the original film is discovered in each of the modern remakes and joked about.

This YouTube video shows us a very real situation involving one of the nocturnal birds perching above the kitchen window. Colton Wright earns the nickname of “the owl whisperer” as he attempts to use a Swiffer and try to talk calmly to the bird. Initially it seems he might fail as the owl grabs onto the cleaning appliance and flaps its wings a little.

The owl knows the holder of the Swiffer is up to something because as Colton calmly talks to it the bird gives him the most intense eye contact. Ever so slowly and carefully he moves the Swiffer out through the window with the owl on it, risking the possibility of the owl flying right back in and wreaking havoc.

Eventually the owl flies away and Colton cheers his success at getting rid of the unusual pest. This isn’t a cat video, but it’s definitely intense enough to earn it viral video status on YouTube.

What do you think of “The Owl Whisperer”?

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