‘Revenge’ Season 4 Spoilers: New Character Linked To Jack Porter Arrives

Will Emily be in the midst of a new love triangle in Revenge season 4? Spoilers released just last month from the show’s producers prepared viewers for the “possibility” that Jack and Emily might get together. They aren’t promising fans anything, but the two will be connecting on a deeper level than they’ve been able to in the past. Since the two of them have lost someone important to them, there’s an unshakable bond; Jack lost Amanda and Emily must now cope with the loss of Aiden after Victoria killed him.

New spoilers just out for season 4 share that a friend of Jack’s will come into the picture.

An insider speaking exclusively with TVLine reveals a new character will be added in season 4 of Revenge. The spoilers shared indicate that Emily will probably have yet another love interest. He’s linked with Jack. The source tells TV Line:

“He’s a childhood friend of Jack’s who has a touch of PTSD from his military days. He decides to make his short-term visit to the Hamptons permanent after something life-changing happens to Jack, then makes fast friends with a number of the locals — including Em.”

Not long ago executive producer Aaron Harberts talked with TV Line in a related report via Christian Post offering other spoilers. Harberts says Emily’s father, David Clarke, will bring trouble to the Hamptons:

“It’s hard to introduce new characters who don’t have a past history with Emily, but will make her invest as much in their character, As we looked back, [actor] David [Clarke] seemed like someone who would shake an unshakable character to the core. She’s certainly not predictable, but she’s a machine and we know how she’s going to react in certain situations, but we don’t know how she’s going to take it she finally sees her father.”

A whole new realm of hidden agendas will be on the upcoming season of Revenge. In a TV Guide interview that showrunner Sunil Nayar gives, it’s as if the characters are stepping outside of their the world they know. Nayar tells says:

“It’s going to be a totally different show next season- a reincarnation.”

Other Revenge spoilers for season 4 have been published on The Inquisitr. One delves a bit more into how David Clarke’s character will affect Emily and Victoria upon his arrival in the Hamptons. It also says Jack will break laws.

Revenge season 4 premieres September 2014 on ABC at 10 pm, ET/PT Sundays.

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