Stephen King On Gun Control Laws: ‘It’s Time To Regulate Firearms’

When Stephen King tweeted what he thought about gun control laws, you might expect some sort of backlash from those who oppose further gun control legislation. However, it was the way he stated his position that inspired some outrage.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, one of our writers has suggested that passing more gun control laws will not stop mass shootings. Trayvon Martin’s father, Tracy, has been comparing his son to civil rights icons in order to push for further gun control laws. But the so-called Trayvon Martin gun control laws have been losing to expansions of the Stand Your Ground law, which added more pro-gun protections for those who may need to use a weapon in self-defense. You may also be surprised by a study that claims black people benefit more from Stand Your Ground than other races. Because of these issues, one Tea Party politician criticized Trayvon and Democrats who he claims are using “tragedies to try to take away our constitutional rights.”

Unfortunately, it was another such tragedy that caused Stephen King to write this tweet:

People who responded to this tweet pointed out that firearms are indeed regulated, with one claiming there are “30 times as many laws about firearms than there are about booze.” Others pointed out that it is far easier to buy booze and tobacco yet booze kills more people than guns. Some made a joke about it by saying that idea “would interfere with the plot of some of your great books” and one tweet said:

“ATF, we regulate: Alcohol, Tobacco, F… Wait, What does the F stand for?”

Others chose to reference King’s books:

“Besides, firearms are useless against the undead, werewolves, ghosts, and so on. Save the living humans! Even the telepaths.”

I did not read them all but I’m sure the Gunslinger is in there somewhere… My favorite has to be the one that read:

“To get their arsenal, you will have to pry it from their cold, dead, slimy and innumerable tentacles.”

What do you think about Stephen King’s comments on gun control laws?

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