Justin Bieber Fans Fury Over Selena Gomez Reunion Ignites Boycott

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s reunion has prompted fury from some Beliebers who want to boycott the Canadian. They led an “#ignorejustinproject” Twitter trend on Sunday. It was countered by “#supportjustinproject,” “#WeSupportYouJustin” and “ilovejustinproject” trends.

Hell hath no fury like Justin’s Bieber’s female fanbase, some of whom evidently believe they are being scorned for another woman — namely, actress-singer Selena Gomez.

The Canadian and the Latina’s resumed romance saw multiple sightings of the happy couple in Los Angeles this past week.

The pair’s reunion prompted some of Bieber’s fans to trend “#ignorejustinproject” on Twitter on Sunday, with the intention of boycotting any interaction with the “Baby” singer.

The highly vocal group – it’s unclear how big they are – wants fans to ignore Justin when he is online – and presumably – his creative output.

Gossip Cop reports one such fan, tweeted: “If justin can ignore us bc of Selena we can ignore him.”

The protesters’ mission statement reads:

Despite Bieber typically topping Billboard’s Social 50 chart where he is currently No. 1 — it charts how active artists are across social media platforms, and Justin is particularly busy on Twitter, Vine, Shots of Me and Instagram – the “ignore” group slammed the singer as “rude” for allegedly not coming online or stopping to greet fans as much as they think he used to.

Variations of the accusation that the 20-year-old is allegedly ignoring fans who helped propel him to superstardom were also voiced by this contingent.

Bieber and Gomez appeared to go public about their reunion in the last two weeks.

On June 11, he posted then deleted an Instagram snap of the couple, captioned “Our love is Unconditional.” At the time, it was considered representative of how he and Gomez dealt with the N-word videos-triggered “racism” storm which was likely traumatic for Bieber.

In real terms then, the “ignorejustinproject” is protesting just one week of Bieber’s allegedly reduced online activity, during which the singer spent time with Gomez and his grandparents who are visiting Los Angeles from Canada.

(Photo via Twitter: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez with his grandparents at Los Angeles Zoo, June 22.)

One fan blasted, [altered for readability]:

“He’s such as a** when he’s with Selena. He didn’t even stop to say ‘Hi’ and there was like 10 people.”

Another suggested Selena will “hurt” Justin at some point and he will inevitably turn to fans for consolation. The fan blistered:

“Justin’s a dumba** and if he hasn’t realized it yet he soon will. Just leave it alone, LET HIM get hurt again and see where he turns.”

Despite countless examples of Bieber’s impromptu meet and greets with fans, in what is the singer’s year off to complete an in-progress album and address his criminal and civil cases, the “ignore” group’s real issue seems to be girl-on-girl, longstanding jealousy over Gomez’s relationship with her beau — based on comments.

One fan snarled: “I’m not here to kiss his a** and to support every [decision] and I will never ever support that ugly mess called Jelena,”

Into the mix of the “#ignorejustinproject” group’s boycott, three counter trending topics — “#supportjustinproject,” “#ilovejustinproject” and “WeSupportYouJustin” launched on Sunday in response.

Fans tweeting the supportive hashtags pointed out that Justin constantly interacts with fans and has previously provided drinks, food, signed autographs, dispensed hugs and randomly previewed unreleased music to fans, in addition to releasing free music all year.

These fans said Beliebers who cared about their “idol” should be happy that Bieber appears happy with Gomez, before slamming the boycott project as “hurtful,” “immature,” “ignorant,” and odd behavior toward “someone they [are] supposed[d] to love.”

“Leave this fanbase if you actually want to do this. What the hell is this. This is so mean,” wrote one outraged fan.

Another Bieber supporter wrote:

“#ignorejustinproject? This has gone too far. I seriously hope Justin isn’t online to see this trend. His own fans are trying to hurt him.WTH”

Yet another of the faithful, raged:

“#ignorejustinproject. This is why everyone thinks we’re 12.”

While one fan summed:

“Here’s to the beliebers who will stick by him no matter what he chooses to do in his personal life #supportjustinproject”

(Photo: Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez selfie posted on Bieber’s Shots account June 21 then deleted.)

On Sunday night Bieber stopped to greet Los Angeles fans, with some subsequently tweeting about their encounter.

From our understanding of the Beliebers furor on Sunday, it appears both sides are waiting for a reaction from Bieber. Whether they’ll get one remains to be seen.

But perhaps it’s time for this childish component of the fanbase to step away and go play in another sandbox.

And perhaps it’s time for Bieber, to let them.

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