Giant Bubbles Popping In Slow Motion Is Mesmerizing [VIDEO]

YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys recently released their latest slow mo video of giant bubbles popping… and it is quite mesmerizing!

In recent articles by The Inquisitr, we reported on watching many things in slow motion for your entertainment. This includes watching paint explode and skateboard tricks. Personally, I really enjoy watching our slow motion cat articles. We have one on why cats always land on their feet, but my personal favorite is the “catwheel”, and yes, I spelled it exactly as you’re reading it.

Anyway, the slow mo guys behind the YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys, Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, went to a park or maybe and open field to film themselves making giant bubbles. They did state they already filmed themselves making regular bubbles in slow motion, but thought giant bubbles would be cool too. I have to say that after watching the video – which they eloquently edited with some great ASMR music – it is quite a mesmerizing spectacle.

Maybe it is the water-like changing shape of larger bubbles or maybe the intricate detail of oily rainbow colors in the bubble itself, but whatever the reason may be, this video is going viral on YouTube. Personally, I think it is the ASMR effect. Have you ever seen something so enticing or relaxing that a feel-good tingling sensation happens in your head and you don’t know why it is there? All you know is that it feels nice? Well, that is ASMR, and this video does a great job utilizing that.

For more cool slow motion videos by The Slow Mo Guys, which include a guy getting hit in the face with a soccer ball, a cannon firing and the firing of underwater bullets, check out their YouTube page. Fellow The Inquisitr writer, Jan Omega, loved their sledgehammer week.

[Image via The Slow Mo Guys’ Giant Bubbles Popping in Slow Motion screencap]

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